Recreational Gym


Most of the members at NGTC are recreational gymnasts.  This category is assigned to all classes that aren't part of the competitive teams.  Following USA Gymnastics guidelines for Skill Level determinations and utilizing our own custom curriculum, your son/daughter will not miss a beat as she builds the strength, flexibility, skills and confidence required to move to the next level.  

Each coach adds his or her own flare to teaching a predefined plan for success for your athlete.   Our classes progress each gymnast through a series of progressions for skills.  Along the way, she learns proper strengthening and flexibility exercises, and begins to learn tools such as goal setting and visualization.  

When an NGTC member gymnast advances into a new level, her parents know that it is only after a careful evaulation, some testing and careful consideration to ensure she has success, from day 1, at the next level.  

Preschool Gymnastics Class

Our program is broken down into the following categories:

  • Parent-Tot
  • PreSchool Gymnastics


  • Introduction to Gymnastics
  • Level 1 (Giraffe)
  • Level 2 (Zebra)
  • Level 3 (Lion)
  • Advanced
  • Adult Classes (COED) * NEW *


  • Level 1 (Wildebeest)
  • Level 2 (Puma)
  • Level 3 (Leopard)

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