NGTC Raises Over $1,000.00 for the Komen Foundation

First off:  A special Thank you to Linda Curtis for coming up with an outstanding way for NGTC family to make a difference in our community.   The meet was a success and couldn't have happened without her.  

Second:  Thanks the to Starbucks at Hogan and Burnside (drive thru).  They helped us raise over $150.00 in concessions alone.   

The girls, families, and supporters of NGTC have managed so far to raise $1,000.00.  That does not count what the boys and the rec program have raised.  This week will be fun, and I know we will raise even more for the Komen Foundation with our Kartwheel-a-thon!  

Rec kids remember to bring in your pledge forms this week.  We will be doing your kartwheels in class.  If you have lost or didn't receive your form.  Please contact the office. 

 Thanks for all of your support!!!


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