Habits…for a lifetime!

More than mere words, "Habits…for a lifetime" are the fundamentals from which start every day!  

Gymnastics is a wonderful activity.  Our members find gymnastics is more than just flipping over a vault table, twirling around the bars, or doing cool tricks on the balance beam or floor.  In fact, we believe it's much more.

For thousands of years, the martial arts has taught the fundamentals of living;  focus of both the mind and body, proper nutrition, healthy sleep habits, exercise for all the bodies parts, strength and mental discipline.  Those principles have not only worked in martial arts, but business and sports of every kind for centuries   That is what we incorporate,every day with every gymnast.

Our goals for every child that we have the privilege to work with is that he/she begins to learn the importance of not only proper technique, but:

  • Etiquette toward the coaches and fellow classmates,
  • Respect for coaches and fellow classmates,
  • Learning to be a positive teammate,
  • Self-discipline,
  • Self-control,
  • Goal setting (even small ones),
  • Goal evaluation (self progress-report),
  • Learning what to do with anger, disappointment and resentment,
  • Overcoming negative self-talk.
  • Training the brain….mental toughness.


NGTC Will Provide a Safe, Fun, Family Environment of Continual Self-Improvement for Members to Learn and Develop Healthy Habits, Goal Achievement, Competitive Spirit and Self-Confidence Through the Sport of Gymnastics.

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All athletes wishing to participate at NGTC® Gymnastics must have a current waiver and release on file on the parent portal. Parents/guardians must create an account for their own athlete. NGTC® members may be no older than 18 years old.