Drop Policy – We truly value the opportunity to work with your child.  However we understand that sometimes even the best laid plans change and that your child's enrollment must be put on hold or changed.  Our policy is simply 1) fill-out an account hold notice (please pick one up at the office), and 2) drop it at the office a minimum of 30-days prior to your last class.  We appreciate your assistance in allowing us to maintain the highest quality classes with consistent coach/student ratio's. 

Make-Up Policy  – In the event your child must miss a class, kindly give us a call (503) 492-4115 or email (info@nwgymnasticstc.com) to let us know prior to the missed class.  This will allow you to schedule a make-up class of equal duration within 30-days of the missed class(es).  Please understand, the make-up may or may-not be with the same coach as your normal class, and it may / may not be at the same time or day as your normal class.  You must schedule and complete the make-up class within 30-days of the missed class.  (Please note that make-up classes are not allowed once the drop-time is elapsed, if your account is not current, or if you fail to contact the office prior to the missed class. Up to two make-up classes per month allowed per member)

Late Fees / Return Check / NSF Fees  –  Tuition and/or fee's are due prior to the 1st of each month.  Accounts remaining unpaid after the close of business on1st of each month will incur a late fee in the amount of $25.    NSF checks or payments are subject to a $25 fee which will be added to your balance.  Checks or credit card payments returned due to cancelled and/or reversed charge/payment, stop payment or other deliberate act to cease payment to NGTC, are subject to a fee of $35, plus any/all associated fees incurred as a result of this action.

Team / Member Handbook – A hard copy of the team handbook is provided to new team members, and distributed to every team member to reflect changes.  There is a specific version for the girls JO teams, and another for the Xcel Team, and each team member must have a signed copy on file in the Team Director's office prior to being allowed to practice.

Basic Rules / Safety Regulations – For the safety and security of all our students, we ask that every student follow the coach or staff's instructions at all times. 

  • For the safety of all participants, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
  • NGTC is a Tree-Nut FREE Zone.  We have many staff and students with Tree Nut Allergies and must ask that they not be brought into the gym.  (Peanuts are ok as they are not a tree nut)
  • Please note that students should wait in the designated waiting lane in the small gym prior to each class.  The coach will get you and lead you to your first event. 
  • We ask that parents and guests please not use any flash photography.  Flash photography can seriously hamper a gymnasts concentration and put them at risk on difficult skills or apparatus.
  • Restrooms are available on the lower level next to the team room in the large gym.  Additionally, a restroom is available in the small gym in the corner next to the floor..  Please escort your young child to / from the restrooms so as not to let them stray onto the floor or under the bars where they may run the risk of injury.
  • Long hair needs to be up or secured.  Please ask in the office if you need assistance, rubber bands, etc.
  • All parents are welcome to stay and watch or drop-in at any time.   However, we ask for the benefit of everyone please view from the viewing area upstairs.  Siblings will be happy to play in the kids play / reading area also.  Kindly assist your child in picking-up whatever toys or books he / she used during the visit.
  • Parents, siblings and any other non-NGTC enrolled students are not allowed on the floor or on any apparatus at any time.  Serious injury can result.
  • Please don't use lotion or other ointment on your child's hands.  These can make the equipment slick and risk your, and others people kids health.
  • Please DO NOT walk across the blue gymnastics floor, unless specifically escorted by a member of the NGTC Staff.    If you wish to view from the opposite gym, please walk around the building along the West side, or drive around.  We apologize for this inconvenience, but must ask you to abide by this rule to reduce the risk of serious injury to the  athletes, and also to yourself.
  • Snacks are available for sale in the office.  However, we ask that you not take food/drink onto or near any of the equipment.