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NGTC Coaches at 2016 Olympic Trials

NGTC team coaches at 2016 Olympic Trials and National congress in San Jose, California.

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Positions currently open include:

Opening for:  Recreational Gymnastics Coach(es)

Tina StinsonFounder / Owner

Married for more than  23-years, Tina and her husband began their careers as the co-founders of the famous Portland Golf Show in 1993.  At one point growing it into the largest all-golf retail show west of the Mississippi.  Later, they assisted with the formation of the Seattle Golf Show, and also created the Eugene Golf Show in 1999.  In 2002, Tina and Eric sold the shows, along with their production company Avanti Promotions, and founded SecurePro Technologies, LLC.

A thriving electronic security business today, SecurePro grew into one of the regional leaders in access control, video surveillance and intrusion alarms for the industrial, commercial, government and (now) residential markets.  In 2008, it was time for Tina to put her mind for business to work with her passion, kids!  It was this passion that created NGTC!

As the owner of NGTC, the gym has grown from just 7 gymnasts in 2008, to what you see today.  And the future looks very bright!  Look for her around the gym as nobody spends more time at NGTC than Tina.

Tina’s favorite place to visit is Yellowstone National Park.  She has spent roughly 20-weeks in the park since their youngest of 3-children was born.  She has become recognized as a bit of a Yellowstone Wolf expert, by even some of the locals.  A passion for life, Tina is just a pleasure to spend time with!


Eric StinsonDirector of Gymnastics

Eric was the Director of Golf / Head Men’s and Women’s Golf Coach at Portland State University for 10 years. He started the Women’s Golf Team, and later earned 2-time NCAA Coach of the Year.  He works with the NGTC girls and other athletes on the mental game, overcoming mental blocks, goal setting, acheiving personal bests and helping create “Habits…for a lifetime!”   

He is also responsible for putting the “serious training” into NGTC.  As Director of Gymnastics, Eric oversees the competitive programs and ensures the coaches have the latest tools and training aides to assist them in doing there  jobs.  He also set up the continuing education program at NGTC.  This program gives coaches and athletes alike an opportunity to expand their knowledge of gymnastics skills, enhance their technique as coaches / teachers /  students, and study each of team gymnasts skills using enhanced video methods and more.

In addition to sports psychology, Eric has a degree in marketing.  He oversee’s the marketing / advertising at NGTC as the Marketing Director.  Co-Founder of the Portland Golf Show, Eric loves to think big, and expects his athletes and coaches to do the same.

Eric enjoys spending time with his and Tina’s three kids, hunting, fishing, hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, and their german sheppard Apollo & Oliver.

Dawn Allen Head Coach Optionals

Dawn joined the NGTC family in December, 2014.  She is a long-time Optional and Compulsory coach from USAG Region 4.  Many of her gymnasts continued on to college gym careers, and we’ve brought her to Oregon to teach our great gymnasts and continue to build our programs.  

Dawn leads our Optional Team as Head Coach.  She works very closely with our Team Director and Compulsory level coaches to ensure a steady stream of quality optional athletes.  A very positive calming influence on her athletes, Dawn is also a strong leader with a well rounded gymnastics background.  Even so, Dawn was eager for us to send her to the 2015 USA-Gymnastics National Congress in Indiana for 15+ hours of continuing education and more!

Dawn is serving as an assistant to the Level 4 Team this year, in addition to her duties with her Optional Team.  Dawn also oversees the preschool program at NGTC.

Dawn enjoys spending time with her son, Talon and watching him swim!  They can often be found at local science or sporting events such as the mud run, and OMSI.

Charlie HarrellDirector – BoysRecreational Coach

A tremendous asset to the NGTC family,Charlie joined Northwest Gymnastics in the Fall of 2014.  Previously, Charlie was the Level 3 Compulsory Coach at Precision Elite Gymnastics, along with assisting Xcel.  At NGTC, Charlie is building a boys program from the ground-up, ensuring that form, technique, strength and flexibility are all correct.

A native of Iowa, Charlie  moved to the Portland area to attend college at Lewis  & Clark College where he received his degree in psychology.  He enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and the outdoors!  

A former competitive gymnast, Charlie is a welcome addition to the NGTC Coaching family.  He is always a favorite among the gymansts that have the pleasure of being coached by him.  Charlie is currently leads several recreational gymnastics classes throughout the week, including Saturdays.  Excellent with girls and boys, we hope to have Charlie a long time!

Eric Stinson, Jr.XCEL Team Director
Head Coach 

You may also see him in the office from time to time.   We also owe most of the great signage, posters and behind the scenes work at NGTC to EJ!

EJ also started our Xcel program.  His teams have performed well in the 5+ years they’ve been around.  This years teams have grown to the point that he has added an assistant coach.  He just completed a trip to the USA-Gymnastics Olympic Trials, meeting many of the gymnasts and compiling over 14 hours continuing education in San Jose!

A private pilot, EJ is often in the skies overhead flying fixed wing aircraft.  He also enjoys hunting, fishing, camping and other local sports!  He owns White Wolf Graphics, the company that does all of the logo’d merchandise, clothing, and the website for NGTC and many other local sports organizations and companies.


Shannon BiceRecreational Coach

Shannon Bice is a teacher, mother and active member of the community.  The owner of a daycare operation  by day, Shannon spends many  evenings in the gym where she coaches Rec. and Pre-School classes.  She also teaches some of our Saturday classes.  An outgoing and bubbly  personality, Shannon is an real asset and resource for NGTC.

Shannon and her husband Mike are long time members of the local communities.  Both have backgrounds as school teachers, a position that Mike still holds.  They enjoy family time, fishing, and trips to the beach, where Mike grew up.

She is also the mother of a JO team member, Becca and is active in assisting fundraising and helping all the girls.  Their other daughter Laurel is an accomplished singer, as well as other talents!

Kelsey FunkhouserSubstitute Coach

Kelsey has a long and wonderful history with NGTC.  She competed at NGTC since our inception in 2008.  An excellent student, she recently graduated from Centennial High School, Kelsey, now retired from competitive gymnastics, she has continued  her gymnastics as a coach.

A talented performer, Kelsey brings her energy to her rec. classes throughout the week.  In addition, she is the assistant coach for our Xcel program, recently returning from San Jose and the Olympic Trials & continuing ed.

Kelsey is starting college Fall, 2016, and is a member of the Portland State Athletic’s Varsity Cheer Team.  Kelsey is from a great family and we are very proud to have Kelsey still in the gym as a teacher and coach!

Kate OlveraRecreational Coach

Kate returns to NGTC, a gym she spent her entire career as a gymnast, but this time as a coach.  A cheerleader at Gresham High School, Kate is an excellent student and is exceptionally well liked by all that know her.

Kate had solid skills as a gymnast, and is now proud to teach the next generation of gymnasts.    We are very happy to have Kate back in the gym!

Melissa SagerRecreational Sub.

Melissa spent years coaching in Spokane, WA before moving to Oregon.  With experience at virtually all levels of gymnastics coaching, she is a natural leader and very real asset for NGTC.  Look for Melissa and offer up a warm NGTC family “Welcome” when you see her in the gym.

Marjorie StanwoodJO Team Assistant Coach

Marjorie is a graduate of David Douglas HS and OSU.  Having earned a Bachelors of Science in Education and Behavioral Sciences, she has taught gymnastics for over 10 years, including preschool aged children through the Girl’s Junior Olympic Team levels. Recently, Marjorie managed both the preschool and recreational programs at another gym, and more recently was a compulsory team coach the past 6 years.

 A former gymnast, Marjorie also enjoys snowboarding, hiking, camping and spending time with her daughter and husband.

 Marjorie began work at NGTC on January 4th, 2016.  Her primary duty is Assistant Coach Compulsory, Level 3 Team.

Sarah StinsonXcel Team Assistant Coach

Sarah is a retired NGTC JO gymnast.  Having competed up to Level 8, Sarah was the Floor, Beam and All-Around Oregon State Champion as a Level 7 in 2013.  A student of gymnastics her entire life, Sarah is now one of NGTC’s Xcel Team Coaches, as the Head Coach for Bronze and Silver.  Sarah assists with Gold and Platinum teams also.

Sarah is currently in college where she is studying to become a doctor of veterinary medicine.

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