NGTC Team Try-outs very successful

The 2015 Team Try-outs was the largest we’ve ever had! Congratulations to all the gymnasts that worked very hard for the days and weeks leading up this big day! And, while the results aren’t complete quite yet, we can say the coaches were extremely impressed with every single athlete!

The girls went through a series of gymnastics “tests” to allow our team coaches and directors to best evaluate each gymnast and determine where she will be most successful. Some of the girls will make it to our Junior Olympic Team. A team that, during one extended period this past season, was nationally ranked based upon our very high team score (113.5+). A few of the other girls will also be invited to join our Xcel program. Xcel, while a big part of the national gymnastics scene, is relatively new to Oregon and only in it’s third season at NGTC.

Congratulations again to all the girls that tried-out. Look for more information on team tryouts and other programs such as our upcoming Summer Camps (which, by the way, sold-out last 2-years) and Skills Clinics!

Winter Wonderland rec. showcase

Let your gymnast show off his/her amazing skills at the 2022 Winter Wonderland Invitational & Rec Meet. Friday, January 7th @ 5:00 PM

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