Birthday Parties

Fun, Safe, & Exciting

Birthday Parties

Looking for a place to host an unforgettable birthday party? You’re in the right place!

Birthday’s aren’t the only reason to party! NGTC® hosts parties & events for sports teams, schools, and day-cares.

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2 Hour Party


  • Bring up to 11 Guests*
  • Table Ware Included
  • 2 Hours of unforgettable fun!
  • No Membership Needed

Bring up to 11 guests* to share your exciting day! Table cloth, plates, napkins, and utensils are included. Party host may bring food and/or cake. 

*guests are attendees under 18 years that use the equipment. There is no limit on adult spectators.

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Member Discount


Have an active membership? You’ll get an additional $25 off the final price of your party!

Extra Guests



Want to invite even more guests to enjoy your unforgettable party? No problem! Additional guests will be charged to the party account at the end of the party.