Congratulations to the NGTC Teams Level 4-6.   They each won 1st place at their meet on Saturday March 13th.  The meet was held at the Gym-nest  in Hillsboro.    


Here are some unofficial highlights of the meet.  


Level 5-6’s win with a combined score of 107.525.  

     There were 6 girls and each had at least one score  that went towards the winning score.   Way to work together and get  it done!  


The level 4’s had some outstanding scores that counted towards their winning number of 112.70.  

     A 9.9 on bars was the highest with the lowest contributing score on bars being a 9.625.  The level 4’s did not count a score below 9.00 in any event.  Great Job girls.  




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By eric / Administrator, bbp_keymaster on Mar 13, 2010


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