Are you or your child interested in learning certain skills in gymnastics or tumbling? Well you’re in the right place. NGTC will be starting Skill clinics on Saturday, June 9th in Gresham. Clinics will start at 1:00 PM and will have varying lengths depending on the skill(s) for that clinic. We will be starting with a handstand clinic for all of you who want to perfect your handstands. Our kid friendly staff have a hands-on approach to help your child get the skill(s) he/she has always been dreaming of (or been doing in the living room at your home). Led by two of NGTC’s top coaches, EJ and Charlie, your kids will learn so much that they will want to keep coming back. EJ and Charlie will focus on everything from body shaping, to progressions, to flexibility, and everything in between. Join us June 9th at 1:00 PM for our first Handstand clinic. Registration can be done online, at the parent portal, or at the front office. 

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