Level 5’s & 6’s Sectional Results

The 2009 Oregon Sectionals is now behind us.  OGA hosted the well-ran event in Beaverton.  Athletes from around the region competed in this Northern Sectionals for gymnasts levels 5 & 6 only.

All totalled, 7-NGTC gymnasts competed, bringing home 4 Top-Ten All-Around finishes.

The Level 5’s competed early in the day.  Led by a strong all around performance by Anna Chao who finished in 5th place overall.  The scores were:

Gymnast                                    Vault                      Bars                       Floor                       Beam                              AA Score

Level 5’s

Anna Chao:                                  8.45                      8.9 (5th)                   9.0 (7th)              9.6 (6th)                      35.45 (5th AA)

Kelsey Funkhouser                    8.45                      8.325                        9.05 (7th)            9.3 (4th)                      35.075  (9th AA)

Janina Jeffries                             8.8                        8.7                              8.4                       8.0                               33.9

Level 6’s

Kaitlyn King                                   9.275 (4th)           7.0                           8.775 (7th)           8.7                              33.75 (10th AA)

Sarah Stinson                               8.875 (7th)          8.7 (5th)                   8.7  (8th)              9.1 (8th)                     35.375 (7th AA)

Giovanna Williams                       8.2                        7.1                            8.8                        8.050 (6th)                 32.15

The Level 6’s went in the late (4pm) session.  

The girls all have 2-weeks to practice and prepare for the State Championships in Corvallis on December 5.  A special thanks goes out to the girls (and the families) that either stayed from the early (8am) session, all through the last session, and the level 4 that made a special trip out to Beaverton just to watch!   Your encouragement and support makes a difference!   NGTC is a team that spans all levels;   Emily and Janina and Kelsey…your actions are exactly what we look for!

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