NGTC does not have Pre-Team Gymnastics.  We believe it is an unnecessary step enroute to a competitive career in this great sport.  

"Everyone at NGTC will have the same quality of coaching, regardless of level or ability.  This will ensure that each member could easily transition to any program at NGTC with same / similar skill requirements, without the need for intermediate steps or extra training."

Our competitive teams are comprised of :

Junior Olympic Team:   Levels 2-10

All levels compete.  Level 2 competes just a select few meets each year to allow the gymnast a chance to learn what competing is all about, the coaches can evaluate her to see how she performs under pressure and in front of a crowd, and parents can see what all is involved before making a bigger commitment at higher levels.


XCEL Team:                 Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond

We believe that all recreational gymnasts should receive a level of coaching that allows them to move smoothly onto a competitive team, without any need for PreTeam.  All of our rec. coaches go through extensive training and continuing education on a regular basis.  Each class is carefully constructed and follows a strict curriculum that ensures athletes are nearly always improving, beginning on day one at NGTC.  By eliminating PreTeam, we ultimately save our parents money and time.  For those few that earn a spot on one of our teams (currently about 1 in 9 of our members are on a competitive team), they advance as skills, strength and abilities dictate.